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Instructional Session - ENG-151-003 & ENG-151-035 - Galvan

Form Name: Library Instruction Request Form - Oak Creek
Description: This form requests individual course information in our effort to provide subject focused library instruction to your course. We will use subject related resources to enhance instruction and learning.
Report link: http://matc.libsurveys.com/reports.php?id=2773

Faculty / Staff Name: Cynthia Galvan
Email: galvanc@matc.edu
Phone #: 262-930-2257
Building where your class meets: A Building
Course Title: Communication Skills
Course Number and Section: ENG 151-003 ENG 151-035
Day(s) of the week class meets: Monday, Wednesday
Class start time: 8
: AM
Class end time: 10:25pm
: AM
Number of students: 10
Description of research project or assignment: This assignment will be the culmination of all of the skills you have been practicing this semester: critical reading, analysis, finding and evaluating sources, developing a strong thesis statement, and supporting that thesis in a well-organized essay. You will build from all of our class discussions, review your notes, and look back at the other essays that we have read and discussed together in class. All of the knowledge that we have created in the context of the class will help to focus your essay. The essay will be developed in conjunction with strategies described in Write Now textbook chapters 11, 13, and 14, which are synthesized in the rubric below. Your task is to choose a cultural artifact of interest to you. We define 'cultural artifact' broadly. This can be any type of cultural artifact that you feel can be subjectively evaluated (i.e., a movie, a t.v. show, an advertisement, a video game, a YouTube channel, etc). You will locate at least three outside sources that discuss that ‘artifact,’ consider those perspectives, and then craft your own evaluation of your ‘cultural artifact,’ integrating your outside sources to support or respond to critiques of your own evaluation. Your purpose is to inform your audience about the ‘artifact,’ describe its merits and/or its flaws, and offer a recommendation or a critique. Your thesis statement should encapsulate that perspective and provide a roadmap to the reader for how you are going to present the support for your perspective. Each body paragraph will further explain your evaluation of the ‘artifact’ and your rationale for your evaluation. The paper should be three to four pages long (plus a Works Cited page), double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font and should be clearly structured, have sufficient textual support to defend your evaluation, and should be governed by your thoughts and analysis. You will integrate at least three outside sources. You must also cite your artifact, when appropriate. Please use MLA guidelines for formatting, citations and use the attached rubric to guide your work. Please submit via Blackboard as a Microsoft Word document.
Date the project will be assigned: 11/18/2019

Due date of project: 12/12/2019

Monday, November 18, 2019
8:30am - 9:30am
Oak Creek: A202A (Lab)
Oak Creek campus
  Instructional Session  

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Jenn Medved