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Jennerjohn Instructional - in room A254 @ 10:35 am

Take Mobile Cart - Instructor will send list of titles a week prior.


Faculty / Staff Name: Janet Jennerjohn
Email: jennerjj@matc.edu
Phone #: 4114-481-2523
Building where your class meets: A Building
Course Title: English 2
Course Number and Section: ENG 202-005
Day(s) of the week class meets: Monday, Wednesday
Class start time: 9:00
: AM
Class end time: 11:25
: AM
Number of students: 12
Description of research project or assignment: The students will be writing a researched and documented literary analysis of a short story or poem that was assigned for the class. When the instructional class is assigned a date and a librarian/instructor, I will forward a list of stories and poems that may be used for this assignment. The date that I would prefer for the instruction is Nov. 11th.
Date the project will be assigned: 11/06/2019
Due date of project: 12/11/2019

Monday, November 11, 2019
10:35am - 11:25am
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Oak Creek campus
  Instructional Session  

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Jenn Medved