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Jeffrey Norman - Library Instruction - ENG-201

Faculty / Staff Name: Jeffrey Norman
Email: normanj4@matc.edu
Phone #: 414 208-5468
Building where your class meets: A Building
Course Title: English 1
Course Number and Section: 201-020
Day(s) of the week class meets: Tuesday, Thursday
Class start time: 9:30
: AM
Class end time: 10:55
: AM
Number of students: 20
Description of research project or assignment: Familiarize students with finding sources, evaluating sources, using library and online resources, and using other library resources. This session would not be in relation to any particular project (thus the broad date range below) but relevant to the course and library use generally.
Date the project will be assigned: 08/27/2019
Due date of project: 12/19/2019

Thursday, November 14, 2019
9:30am - 11:00am
Oak Creek: A202A (Lab)
Oak Creek campus
  Instructional Session  

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Jenn Medved