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INSTRUCTION AT 7PM - McCann - Instructional Session

Form Name: Library Instruction Request Form - Oak Creek
Description: This form requests individual course information in our effort to provide subject focused library instruction to your course. We will use subject related resources to enhance instruction and learning.
Report link: http://matc.libsurveys.com/reports.php?id=2773 

Faculty / Staff Name: Mark McCann
Email: mccannmj@matc.edu
Phone #: (414) 369-2719
Building where your class meets: A Building
Course Title: Communication Skills 1
Course Number and Section: ENG-151-014
Day(s) of the week class meets: Wednesday
Class start time: 5:30
: PM
Class end time: 8:25
: PM
Number of students: 23
Description of research project or assignment: I'd like the session to be held on 10/24/18 to introduce the database & MLA help for Paper #3, using the 5 paragraph structure with 3 reasons for or against for the topics below - 2 citing in MLA style are required, up to 3 sources are allowed • Death Penalty in WI • Motorcycle Helmet Laws in WI • Milwaukee Street Car • Legalization of Marijuana in WI • Sexual Education in WI schools
Date the project will be assigned: 10/17/2018
Due date of project: 11/28/2018

Wednesday, October 17, 2018
5:30pm - 8:25pm
Oak Creek: A202A (Lab)
Oak Creek campus
  Instructional Session  

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Laura Emanuelson
Jenn Medved