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Norman - Instruction

Faculty / Staff Name: Jeffrey Norman
Email: normanj4@matc.edu
Phone #: 414 208-5468
Campus where library instruction is requested: South
Course Name and Section: English 1 (201-020)
Day(s) of the week class meets: Tuesday, Thursday
Class start time: 9:30
: AM
Class end time: 10:55
: AM
Number of students: 20
Description of research project or assignment: Proposal Paper for research essay. Key aspects of assmt. description follow: 1. The project’s topic. This should be a sentence describing the main thing that you will focus on: an idea, concept, situation, claim, etc. 2. The project’s purpose. What do you want to do regarding this topic in your project? What do you want readers to take away from having read your paper? Are you trying primarily to inform, or to explain, or to persuade? Each goal requires a different approach. 3. The kind of paper that best suits your subject and purpose. All papers must include research (that is, be “documented”). You might write a paper which persuades readers to agree with your perspective, based on the evidence you’ve researched (a “documented persuasive essay”). You might write a paper that explores and describes a topic (a “documented exploratory essay”). You might explore which of several options is the better approach to a problem; that is, you might propose a policy (a “documented policy essay”). There are a few other possibilities, but these are the most common approaches. In all cases, use research to verify and explore assumptions or conclusions. Do not presume any assumptions or conclusions: even if you’re very sure you’ve read good evidence, you need to find evidence to support claims if you make any claims in this essay. 4. Consider ways in which your paper’s audience needs to be addressed in relation to your topic, purpose, and essay type. For instance: are there any technical terms you’ve become familiar with in your research but which a general college-student audience would not know? Is there a prevailing point-of-view or consensus around your topic that you need to assume? Is that consensus correct and supported by the facts you’ve researched, or is it incorrect? (As you’ve no doubt already found, many times “common sense” is not supported by the facts!)
Additional Information:: Either 11/15 or 11/20 - but 11/20 is preferred
Due date of assignment: 11/27/2018

Tuesday, November 20, 2018
9:30am - 10:55am
Oak Creek: A202A (Lab)
Oak Creek campus

Event Organizer

Jenn Medved